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Find Out, After The Break!

How to sell more by telling your customers to wait!

This is a tried and tested principle which is used everywhere – yet most business people don’t even think to consider it in their own marketing and selling. Those who use it to great effect, sell a lot more by effectively using this technique.

The Zeigarnik Effect was discovered in 1927 by Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, and simply states that we remember interrupted tasks best. The reason for this is that tension is created inside us when there are unfinished tasks.

Importance of Headlines

How To Create Effective Headlines And Win More Business

Your headline it the most important aspect of ALL your marketing communications. Sales letters, brochures, adverts, even when customers enter your premises.

If your headline doesn’t appeal, your prospects will ignore you. If your headline doesn’t grab them, interest them, excite them, speak to them, sell to them – you’ll be ignored.

Let’s try a couple of examples:

“Woman gets a job in Los Cristianos”

Does that excite you? Does it grab you? Are you desperate to find out the story about a woman who gets a job in Los Cristianos, like so many others? Maybe it would evoke a vague feeling of curiosity, but that’s all.

Winning In Business

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Many people come to Tenerife wanting a better life and end up struggling to get by in their business, working all hours for less money than ever before.

You can quickly lose sight of what’s important, and you might feel like an employee in your own business rather than the boss. You’ll know this is happening when you feel ruled by the business rather than being in charge yourself. Could you go on holiday next week without worrying about your business?

Truth is, you’ll only truly enjoy life when you have systems in place to manage your business, so you can work less yet earn more.