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Coping In A “Down” Economy

If you’re feeling the pinch of the spending downturn, there are ways to overcome it.

A frequent complaint we hear nowadays is that there are fewer tourists around than last year, and they spend less money, so times are hard.

One of the most frequent questions we get is “how do we cope when we have less money to spend on advertising and marketing?”

The answer is, quite simply: increase your promotional efforts and provide better customer service!

But as we always advocate, be smart when spend you spend your money.

Business Booster Tips

Some Free and Low Cost Ways To Increase Your Profits!

Today we’d like to cover some specific tactics you can use in your business to get more money in the bank. After all, that’s the purpose of you being in business, right?

Each of these Business Booster tips has the potential to revolutionise your business, whether you’re a restaurant, a retail shop or a service business.

How To Massively Convert And Close More Sales

Using tools in your selling process makes you much more effective!

If you take sales calls over the phone, you’ll find a “Prompter” one of the most powerful tools you can use.

The Prompter is a single sheet script you use when taking enquiries, whether over the phone or in person. Sounds simple – but this script is incredibly effective.

One business reported that their conversion rate went from 2 sales out of 10 enquiries to an incredible 8 out of 10.

This strategy works particularly well for companies in a highly competitive environment where customers are price sensitive and tend to shop around.

Top 5 Tips For Writing Effective Adverts

If you want your advert to work better and produce more leads and enquiries, here’s 5 top tips for how you can improve your results!

Tracking Response

If you don’t track your response, how do you know if your advertising works?

One of our clients advertised an event wanting people to turn up. Quite a few turned up, yet afterwards the client claimed they had no response from their advertising.

How could they possibly know? Nobody asked the guests at the event how they knew about the event.