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Interview With Gary Blade

Continuous Improvement is Key To Sucess

Gary Blade, owner of Star of Asia and newly opened Raffles, believes a keen eye for detail and continuous improvements are important ingredients for his success.

We caught up with Gary at his new bar Raffles in the Apolo Center in Los Cristianos, where we discussed how he´s working hard to beat the gloomy mood in Tenerife business life.

Gary, tell us what you believe has been key to your success.

It’s Your Own Fault

Yes, absolutely. Let me reiterate that: It’s Your Own Fault that you aren’t more successful. It’s your own fault you are struggling in your business.

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you who you can really blame. Your suppliers? Your customers? Your staff? No, they haven’t all conspired to wreck your business!

I can tell you that others in your local area are doing well, despite them having the same customers, the same suppliers and the same kind of staff.

Let me explore this a bit more. If your staff are the problem, why are you letting them be a problem? Either do something about them or YOU are the problem!

Succeed by Failing Fast

Two weeks ago we looked going back to basics and the importance of having systems in place in your business.

To recap, with systems you have a reliable way of testing ads to find winners which will continue to produce new prospects and clients for a long time to come.

Whenever you advertise, or promote yourself in any way, you need to test, test and test. Start small. Track response. Analyse your results. You discover what works, and do more of it. If it doesn’t work, drop it.

This week we’ll look into the importance of failing faster!

Save Your Business From Disaster

There’s a lot of talk on the island of how businesses are suffering due to the economic downturn, so it’s time for some “good news” reporting showing it’s actually possible to do well, even in this climate!

In the spring we ran a series of articles in this column on how to improve your marketing and advertising for your business. And now, every fortnight the Business column will again focus on how you can improve your business.