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The 3 Most Important Factors In Marketing & Advertising

There are three required components for effective marketing. It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing, where, when, what price, to whom.

And it doesn’t matter what your business is – if you’re a plumber, a restaurant owner, a massive corporation, you need these three components to work for you.

Think of these three components as a three legged table. It can’t stand with any one or two of them broken or missing. You have to have all three, and they all have to be strong and supportive.

Missed Opportunities

How to Recognise Missed Opportunities and Turn Them Into Profit!

In May we were delighted to present the Best DJ award at the Tenerife Entertainment Awards. As you might imagine this special occasion had my wife Jennie, (with me in tow) heading off to the shops for a new dress and handbag. We found a lovely dress shop in Las Galletas with a great selection, and next door there was a bag shop with a choice of handbags. Perfect!