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Problem or Challenge?

Are you the kind of person who has problems in your life, or do you see problems as challenges?

The way you phrase your problems, or challenges, makes a big difference in your ability to come up with solutions and move forward.

If you are facing problems in your life, then try thinking of them as challenges instead. As humans, we are used to looking at challenges as something we have to overcome.

Problems, on the other hand, are negative things, and many just look at the problem without working hard to overcome it. Also, many people use problems as an excuse for their inability to move forward.

Saving Your Business From Disaster

OK, some people would say this is a negative headline. “My sales are going down, but it’s not disaster yet.”

But that’s the point, isn’t it? We don’t want you to be in that “disaster” category. You need to stop the slide downwards so you never experience that “disaster” moment.

You probably have people saying to you: “you should try this, you should try that”. And you try it. But it doesn’t work.

“Oh”, you think, “bad advice!”

Yet what I have found in business and marketing is that the advice is often good, but executed poorly.