Copywriting Web Content and Articles

There are lots of different writers, and lots of different writing styles. So why should you choose us?

Business To Business

Business people have their own language, which depends on their level of seniority. But they are still people. So our writing is a mix of jargon like ROI, NPV, SLA’s, NDA’s etc and terms that appeal to them.

Our writing style is informative, yet avoiding lecturing or talking down to them.

We appeal to their intelligence but we don’t assume they have the time or inclination to try to “decode” what we’re trying to say, so we make sure we convey our message in such a way it’s easily understood.

Business To Consumers

Consumers need a different writing style. They don’t normally understand jargon, and they get easily bored and will move on to the next “big thing” that catches their eyes.

This is particularly true on the Internet.

So our writing style is very direct to the point, and also easily understood.

We always have a purpose when writing. Is it to sell? To inform? To get the reader to take an action? To react? To make them smile? To make them angry?

Writing without purpose achieves nothing and leaves the reader wondering “what was the point of that?”

Our Services

There is, however, a difference between a hard-hitting sales letter page used by so many Internet Marketers today, and having some content for your website or magazine.

A professional, long style sales letter, or copy that is intended to sell when mailed in the post, can take days or even weeks to write. It takes hours of painstaking research and testing to craft the best words, sentences and content structure which will bring in the hard cash in a big way.

Most people can’t afford to pay for that, so we do offer a hybrid service.

For the same cost as many other copywriters out there, we bring our years of selling, marketing and advertising skills to bear on your writing project. We use our best efforts to craft articles for magazines, home pages and other web content to sell your products or services, not just providing you with inane drivel that fills up space on your pages.

Our Strengths

Together we bring a lot to the table – I have passion, the interest and the understanding of people and my husband is my “consultant” business expert with an MBA to back it up.

Our strengths are:

  • Straight-forward, straight-talking writing. We say it as it is, using words your readers will understand.
  • We write purposefully – normally to sell or promote your products or services – so you can rest assured your articles and content will be high quality and your money well spent.
  • We are trained therapists and have an excellent understanding of the impact of language (both spoken and written) on the thoughts and the decision making processes of your reader, which means we can subtly influence them in a positive way so you achieve your goals.
  • Your readers will enjoy and easily understand our writing.

Our Copywriting Background

Many copywriters are journalists. They’ve gone through a structured education that has taught them how the professionals and the academic institutions believe they should write.

Some people have a degree in English, often studying the classics, and pay extreme attention to the grammar and the structure of the words they use on the page.

Yet others have no formal background whatsoever, but found out they could start making money from their writing. Some are excellent writers, others are truly dreadful.

We’re a bit different from most. My husband and I ran a local advertising guide for nearly 3 years, and we spent a huge amount of time crafting effective adverts and articles that actually sold the products and services for our clients.

We weren’t happy just taking the money from our clients – if their advert failed to produce results we felt like we had failed, so we always took a lot of time to research and write the best possible advertising copy we could.

We’ve also written for magazines and newspapers, children’s stories and much more.

Below you’ll find links to some of the content we have written, take a look and see what you think. Then contact us by calling 626 446 658 or emailing us to discuss your particular project.

You never know, we might be more affordable than you think…