How To Create Effective Adverts

If you want your advert to work better and produce more leads and enquiries, here are some top tips for how you can improve your results!

Tracking Response

If you don’t track your response, how do you know if your advertising works?

One of our clients advertised an event wanting people to turn up. Quite a few turned up, yet afterwards the client claimed they had no response from their advertising because “they are all our customers anyway”.

How could they possibly know? Nobody asked the guests at the event how they knew about the event. Maybe their customers only knew about the event because of the advertising? Or it reminded them on the day to come and visit?

Another advertiser claimed they had no sales from their advertising – yet when we visited their showroom to have a look at what they were offering, nobody asked how we had heard about them or why we came to the shop.

There was no way they could track the response from their advertising.

Our top tip for any advertising you do is to make sure you know when people respond to it!

For instance, if you want people to turn up at an event, use your advertising space to offer 10% off or maybe a free drink!

If you have a shop, offer a free gift!

Just take a few minutes to think what you can do to get people to tell you “I found you in the XYZ newspaper!”

Who’s Your Prospect?

Create a mental picture of who your typical prospect is and keep this in mind whilst you develop your advert. Think about who is most likely to want what you have to offer. Then you can better make an emotional connection with your prospect and communicate in the most effective way – one to one.

You can then speak their language and make sure you attract their attention.

What Does Your Prospect Want?

Following on from the point above, now that you know who your prospects are you need to find out what they want. How does this fit with what you have to offer? Most people are looking for some kind of benefit or helpful advantage, or to solve a problem they have.

Your prospects don’t care about you. They don’t care about what you offer. They only care about if what you offer fit their needs and how it is of value to them.

If you can show them how you can be of benefit, help or value then your sales will go up.

A 7 Point Checklist To Use When Creating Your Advert

Here’s a simple checklist you should refer to whenever you create a display advert:

1. Headline – The most important part of every advert, regardless of size!

2. Unique Selling Proposition – The one unique reason they should come to you!

3. Proof – Add credibility by proving your ability to deliver.

4. Offer – Make your reader a special deal, something worth a lot more than the effort or cost involved to respond.

5. Guarantee – Whenever you can, remove the risk of doing business with you. If you can give a money back guarantee you’ll do a lot better!

6. Call To Action – Make sure you tell the reader what you want them to do. Don’t just put your phone number – use “Call Now” as this is proven to increase the response!

7. Size – Size is important – make sure your advert is large enough so you can include everything you want to say and make it readable. The bigger your advert, the more noticeable it will be – and make sure you use your space effectively to sell, tell and sell.

Your Headline Is The Most Important Element!

The headline has been proven time and time again to be the most important part of any advert. 80% of your impact is in your headline. 20% is the rest of the advert.

Your headline literally dictates the success of your advertising. People scan adverts quickly, and if your headline doesn’t grab their attention you’ve lost them.

Grab their attention quickly and get them to read the rest of the advert – and your success rate will go right up!

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