How To Achieve A Positive Mental Attitude

This week you’ll discover how to keep positive and moving forwards, rather than letting the “bad” economy get to you…

You may have heard about “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”. The idea is that “thoughts become things”, so if you visualise hard enough, things will start happen for you.

Well, that’s a strong simplification of what’s actually going on. But you’ll be pleased to know you can easily get started and get benefits from the Law of Attraction and positive thinking.

Let me explain. Positive Thinking and Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is about having an attitude that regardless of how wrongs things are at the moment, some things are going right and things will be going better in the future.

Ah, I hear you say – that’s just wishful thinking. Well, no, there’s more to it. It’s about your attitude to everything around you, to what’s happening to you, and to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you all the time, but you often ignore because you don’t even notice them.

Let me show you with a simple example. Think about ants. Tiny small ants in an anthill, crawling around. See them in your mind, think about how they move in patterns. And whilst you are doing that, everything around you fade into a blur in the background, noises seem to fade, as your mind is concentrating on the image of the ants.

The same thing happens when your mind is in a negative state. You concentrate on what’s bad, how awful business is, how you’re terrified of losing your job or your business. And as your mind is focused on that, anything else, including positive things, fade into a blur in the background…

Now imagine instead you have a more positive attitude, such as “even though things are going badly at the moment, there are opportunities for me out there, and when one comes past my way I will be able to recognise it”.

It’s not enough to just say it once and go back to your previous state of mind. If that happens, then you’ll be too busy with the ants (i.e. your other problems) to recognise the opportunities when they come.

But forgetting your current problems and issues isn’t easy at all, right? There’s far too much to worry about, and many people can’t focus on anything else at the moment.

There is a great technique you can use to overcome excessive worry and which will help you move to a more Positive Mental Attitude.

This therapy is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT for short) and involves tapping with two fingers on a number of acupuncture points on the body whilst you concentrate on a negative emotion you want help with.

These techniques have proved effective with many different emotional issues, including anxiety, panic attacks, fears and many different phobias. They are rapidly growing in popularity as they have provided help and relief for many people, and can often provide a complete cure for psychological issues in 45 minutes or less, even after years of counselling and other therapy.

Acupuncture is widely known to help with a number of different ailments. It’s built on the Chinese medical theory of meridians, which is how energy flows in your body. It’s a fact that our bodies are full of electrical energy. A hospital MRI scan uses magnets and a coil to influence and measure changing energy levels in your body to provide an incredible amount of medical information.

Your brain is also a hive of electrical energy, with a good dose of chemicals also influencing it. For instance, we know that low serotonin levels increase your feelings of stress and anxiety, and increasing dopamine makes you feel better.

When you have a new learning experience, your mind is a hive of electrical activity (thinking and emotions) whilst the chemicals help to seal these into a long term memory. If these experiences are negative then they become entrenched in your mind and overpower rational thought. Phobias can be created in a single moment, for instance, whilst stress leading to panic attacks can be built up over time.

If you want to change your feelings of anxiety and panic into more positive feelings then you have to overcome your entrenched patterns. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a commonly used and successful treatment for phobia by exposing you to your fear over and over again, until your feelings start to change.

But there is a much quicker way. When you use your fingers to tap on a particular set of acupuncture points, you jolt your brain in such a way that the entrenched patterns just seem to disappear, and you are free to build up new, more positive associations. Stress, anxiety, hurt, anger, grief and trauma are all emotions that just seem to disappear when properly treated with EFT.

Helen suffered from stress and panic attacks due to her family’s financial situation. With both her and her husband out of work she found it emotionally extremely difficult to deal with demands for payments, and she would often burst out crying. She was so terrified of being turned down for jobs and she couldn’t handle the interview itself very well. The interviewers were less than impressed, especially when she started crying during some interviews, and she repeatedly failed to get a job offer.

During a 45 minute treatment, Helen’s fear and panic was significantly reduced so she stopped worrying excessively. More importantly, her confidence increased tremendously as she now believed she would get a job. Her way of dealing with interview questions improved dramatically. Helen’s second interview after the treatment resulted in a decent job offer which she accepted.

At you’ll find more information about EFT including several examples and case studies of how EFT has helped others. There’s online video which shows how the technique works and should be used, and a full demonstration is available.

Visit to see how you can reduce your stress and anxiety, and turn yourself into a much more positive and happy person, regardless of your circumstances!

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