How to get more sales by asking a simple question

One of the easiest ways to increase your profits is to ask a customer has just bought something from you to buy something else.

A famous line from the McDonald’s restaurants is: “Would you like fries with that?” That single question added hundreds of millions of dollars in extra sales for them.

How can you profit from this?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in; you can add-on or cross-sell products to your customers.

When an estate agent sells or rents a house, they can ask: “Do you need a removal company?” Even if they don’t supply the service directly, they can recommend someone and get a commission.

A shoe shop can ask “Would you like some shoe polish with that?” or “Do you need any socks?”

If you serve 50 customers a day and only one customer in five take you up on the offer, it means 10 extra sales – sales you would have never had. Let’s say you make €2 profit per item and you make an extra €20 a day. That’s €6,240 per year for one tiny item and one small question!

A petrol station sold a very high volume of engine oil. They asked everyone: “Please lift your bonnet and we’ll check your oil.”

One DIY shop created a checklist for their customers. When the customer pays, the staff member says “To save you time later, would you like to use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need?” On that list are items such as paint, trim paint, undercoat, Polyfilla for filling in plaster, turpentine for cleanup, paint brushes, roller tray, ladder, sandpaper, masking tape etc. Very often the customer will take the checklist and go back into the store.

Clothing stores can have a checklist of accessories with every suit or dress.

Computer companies can sell dust covers, or CD or DVD’s for backups.

Cleaning companies can point out things that need repair and recommend other companies for a percentage of the sale.

The point is, IT WORKS!

The customer feels that you care because you’re thoughtful enough to suggest something they need, and you get the benefit of extra profits.

Profits you would never have had otherwise.

How will you know that works for you? Try it!

Do it for a couple weeks using different items and approaches. Have a competition for your staff. Offer a prize for the staff member who sells the most of the chosen item each week.

You’ll soon find out what item sell best and increase your profits the most.

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