Lead Generation

How To Put Lead Generation On Steroids!

Having a constant stream of new prospects and enquiries is the true lifeblood of your business.

The problem is, how do you attract new prospects, continuously, effortlessly, effectively and profitably?

Today I will share with you one of the most powerful lead generation systems in existence. It’s been used in many industries, by countless businesses, with great results, and is particularly interesting to Estate Agents, professional service companies and most non-retail businesses.

It requires little manual effort; it generates names, addresses, and even email addresses of people who are interested in knowing more about your product or service. It gives you permission to contact them, and they’ll actively request your best sales presentation from you.

And, the system generates predictable results.

The first step is to find out why people buy your product or service. I don’t mean why they buy from you – but why they buy your product or service. Figure out the true nature of the problem they are trying to solve by buying your product or service.

Next, create a Special Report that provides important “insider” information that most of your prospects don’t know. It must be education – not a sales pitch! It could be a written report, a video, an online presentation, a CD-ROM…

Invoke curiosity by creating an ‘exciting’ title for your report. Curiosity is a strong trigger – people will go to great lengths to discover secrets, or information that others don’t know.

Effective titles often start with ‘How To’, have specific numbers in it such as 7, or promise a benefit for the reader. For instance, we offer a free Special Report called ‘How To Avoid The 7 Killer Small Business Marketing Mistakes’ – available on our website or by calling 902 789 660.

Then, promote your Special Report rather than your product or service. A particularly effective method is to use small ads that look like newspaper articles. It should have a strong headline. It should tell the reader you can solve their problem if they get your Special Report.

Be clear and specific in telling people what they need to do to get your report, and why they should get it right now. ‘Don’t make the mistakes other business owners have done before you and save thousands right now by visiting the website and get your report right now’.

Sometimes you can charge for your report, but most of the time you need to offer it for free.

The next step is to set up your response mechanism. The worst mistake you can do is to spend a lot of money generating your leads, writing a great report, and then lose your leads because you don’t track them properly.

You can use the Internet, or telephone answering services to capture names and addresses. You’ll get best response from using free-phone numbers and by promising and answering system where the prospect doesn’t have to speak to a sales person.

If you use a phone system, make sure you have a phone script to welcome the prospect, tell them what you’re offering, and ask them for their name and address.

Finally, the most crucial part of your system – you have to deliver and follow up!

Obviously, your first task is to get the free report out to your prospect. You also need to start sending out sales material, working your prospect until it’s a waste of money or you convert them to customers or clients.

But even more important – when you have your prospect list you need to follow up, follow up and follow up. Nothing is more important. If you let your prospects grow cold you’re losing money. What’s the point in having 10, 100, or even 10,000 great leads sitting and waiting, if you don’t even contact them?

So, does this system work? First time I tried it, I spent £97 on a line ad in the London Evening Standard. I only got 16 leads, but I followed up on them. The result was £2,250 in sales!

Who else would like to spend £97 and get £2,250 in return?

Next week: How To Attract Customers For Bars, Restaurants and Retail Shops!

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