Opportunities Available Right Now

Ok, so we’re in a recession. And that’s bad for an awful lot of people.

But for some people, this is a great time! Why?

Because a downturn for some will always be an upturn for others.

Let me give you an example: when big business lay off thousands of employees then they bring in recruitment consultants and counselling professionals to help with the layoffs. Sometimes these layoffs keep these professionals going for months or even years.

Unfortunately, a lot of people take their redundancies and lack of work laying down – they blame it on the economy and start looking for similar work or claim on the Social System for as long as they can.

It’s a sad fact of life that most people need a kick up the backside to make them do anything. Society is going through massive changes right now, bigger than at any point in human history.

But with massive change comes massive uncertainty – and your ability to cope with that uncertainty will determine your future.

So the question is, are you taking your present difficulties laying down and giving up without a fight, or are you prepared to change everything you do to survive?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owner who is fighting to stay alive, or you’ve lost your job, or your employer is struggling and you’re worried about your future – your attitude and ability to change and adapt is crucial to your survival.

You must therefore decide, right now, how your future will be shaped.

I’ve spoken to many people about the film “The Secret”. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s a number of interviews with people such as Jack Canfield, author of the world-wide best seller “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Their premise is that if you think positively then positive things will happen. That “thought become things”. It’s called the “Law of Attraction”.

Those that are dismissive of “The Secret” calls it “wishful thinking” and in the next sentence typically says “get real – it doesn’t happen that way!”

But let me tell you what the secret behind the “Law of Attraction” really is – it’s about your attitude and ability to recognise opportunities.

If you go to work with the attitude that business is bad, nobody is spending money, and it’s hardly worthwhile turning up, and as a result you feel despondent, your stomach is churning and you don’t know what to do next – don’t you think your attitude is noticeable to others? Don’t you think there could be a bad “vibe” around the place? Don’t you think your attitude could rub off on other staff?

And when somebody walks in to the premises, what will your attitude be when you speak to them? You can’t change at a flick of a switch – so if you’re feeling despondent and upset, isn’t it reasonable that your customer will notice? Will that encourage them to spend money with you?

And similarly, if you’ve lost your job and walk in to interviews with a desperate or negative attitude, expecting that you won’t get employed, your chances of getting that job are significantly less than if you go in positive, eager, and with an attitude of “success”.

For instance, I’ve spoken to recruiters who told me of interviews where their whole time was spent trying to get the candidate to say something else than “please, I need this job to feed my kids and keep a roof over my head”. Recruiters don’t run a charity; they want to know you can do the job. So if you want that job, focus on presenting yourself in such a way they become desperate to grab you before someone else does, instead of thinking “next!”

You would think that in this economic downturn people won’t buy timeshare – yet we recently spoke to a timeshare executive who said business is virtually as good as before. Interestingly, their customers have changed from being mainly British to being Scandinavian and Russian.

They didn’t take the recession laying down – when their British customers stopped buying their attitude was “Ok, who’s got the money and is willing to buy?” They looked around and found a new target market and as a result are going strong.
We see many bar owners still targeting the British customer, still offering Steak & Chips and refusing to consider offering a more “continental” option, such as Parma Ham or Feta Cheese, thus alienating the International market. Yet they are complaining about the economic downturn, that they are losing customers and are getting desperate. It’s in their grasp to change, if they have the right attitude.

Now, are you ready to change? Are you ready to change your attitude, and what you do to start attracting better opportunities?

The “Law of Attraction” and positive thinking isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s about having an open, positive mind ready to leap at and grab the opportunities that do present themselves.

It’s about changing your attitude from one of “things just happen to me and I can’t control them” to “I make things happen by focusing on them and giving them my attention”.

Here’s an extremely important lesson for race car drivers: when drivers are taught to drive at high speeds they are taught to look beyond the bend to the point in the road where they want to be – if they focus on the bend and the wall then guess what – that’s where they end up with a crashed car.

It is human nature that we end up where we focus our attention and efforts. So if you focus on the bad economy and your misfortune, and you focus on how difficult things are – then that’s exactly where you will remain.

If on the other hand you start believing there are opportunities available, and you start acting as if there are opportunities available, then you will be on the lookout for them. And if you’re on the lookout for opportunities then you are much more likely to spot them when they arise.

Listen, it’s really down to you. It’s not down the social system to support you; it’s not down to business owners to give you a job. In fact, you get what you get by giving it your attention and focus. If you don’t get anything it’s because you don’t have a focus right now.

Now, if you’re prepared to change then I am prepared to help you. Go to this article: “How To Change Your Life.” You’ll find some links to some key resources that will help you to change your situation and you can start finding the right opportunities in your life, both on a personal and a professional level.

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