Time For Something New!

How to improve yourself and your business.

When did you last sit down and take the time to learn something new?

Not just something new, but something new that will actually help you in your business?

It’s amazing how many business owners and managers I meet who don’t get this simple concept – if you study and learn the craft of running a business, you’ll end up with a better and more profitable business.

A month ago I wrote about working ON your business, not IN it. It was all about creating systems, and about creating a business rather than a job.

Well, a key part of working ON your business is to learn more about how other businesses do things, particularly other businesses in the same field as you. It’s about learning how you can improve your operations, your marketing and advertising, your cost control, your staff management skills and more.

Even if you just set aside 30 to 60 minutes a week it can make a tremendous difference in your business.

Right, you don’t know where or how to start?

Here’s how:

  1. Decide how many minutes or hours you want to set aside every week for your own training.
  2. Make a plan of what you will study, and when – flesh it out for the next 3 months.
  3. Before you start your time, find information about what you have decided to study that week. Do not include this time in your allocated study time, however long it takes. Remember, you don’t improve when searching for information, only when you read and act on it.
  4. Read. Study. Do it. Every week. Without fail. And act on it.

That’s all there is to it.

The only problem you’ll have is trying to choose what to study out of the immense selection out there. There is truly a wealth of information all over the Internet. If you don’t have a computer, go to an Internet café and spend a couple of euros.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s no longer enough to be the master of your profession. It’s not enough to be the best chef. Or be the best number crunching accountant. Or the best at finding the right insurance for the client.

You now have to be so much, much more. As the owner of a small business you have to be the boss, the promotional expert, the marketing wizard, the advertising guru, the customer service advocate, the networker, the public speaker, the human resource specialist, the operations expert, and the list goes on and on and on…

So what will you study first? I would suggest you tackle your biggest problem – the one that’s dominating in your business right now.

If it’s staff issues, read up about Human Resources, hiring and firing, motivation & rewards, recruitment procedures, interview techniques etc.

If your problem is closing the deal, search for “closing the deal” in Google! There are 95 million results for that phrase alone! Also look up sales techniques, persuasion, building trust, closing techniques, how to win in sales, and anything else that describes your problem.

If your problem is marketing, speak to me! Or search for marketing, how to get more customers, advertising – combine these with your business area and you’ll end up with phrases such as marketing restaurant, marketing accountancy, marketing tourist attraction etc.

When you make your plan, I also suggest you include some areas that seem less important right now. You never know, you might discover something inspirational or important, something that can make a real difference in your business.

I have a never-ending thirst for knowledge. I collect information of anything related to my business, which is marketing, advertising and promotion. I read as much as I can, and if I don’t have the time I store it so I can search it later for specific information. My library would cost tens of thousands to replace.

How big is your library?

If you are serious about your business, why haven’t you got a big business library??

Before my marketing life I was a very technical person running an Internet business and consultancy.

Yet the most life changing information I have ever come across had nothing to do with marketing. And nothing to do with technology. I was looking for information about how to motivate staff and overcoming procrastination when I discovered a mind technology which has had a truly astonishing effect on my own life. Using a set of very simple techniques and principles I have been able to communicate better with staff, prospects and customers, build stronger relationships with people, and I have a much deeper understanding now of what makes people tick.

That mind technology is called NLP and is the study of how we communicate and interpret information on a neurological level. Check out more at wikipedia.

If you’d like to know what this incredible mind technology is, come and read this article online at www.emtenerife.com, and I’ll tell you.

So I am challenging you to be open-minded and study not only your problems, but also explore what other useful information you can find out there.

Don’t tell yourself you’re too busy, that when work is finished for the day you just want to relax a bit. Seriously, if you are ultra successful earning so much money you never need to worry again, fair enough. If not can you really afford to be complacent?

A little work and study now can pay for itself time and time again.

I would suggest you turn your weekly activity into a habit – get used to spending a bit of time every week, or even every day, looking for information, reading, studying, learning. And start applying what you learn.

You can always start with small steps. If you are studying sales techniques and you’re learning lots of different closes, new methods and new approaches, then it can seem very overwhelming at first. Break it down into baby steps and just start with one or two improvements to your business. Introduce each one slowly, get used to it working, and then introduce the next improvement.

As a result you’ll quickly see a noticeable change in your business. Sometimes it will just be happier customers, other times you’ll notice more money in your pocket as a result.

I should also mention that sometimes you’ll read and discover something that won’t work for you. Maybe the concept is wrong, or maybe it’s not suitable for your business. When you try it you’ll be disappointed. Maybe your sales will suffer as a result. And if you’re really unlucky it will be in your first week of trying.

But don’t give up, ever! If something doesn’t work, forget about it and move on. Try something new, something different, instead. I guarantee that if you continue this process you’ll improve your business drastically over a few months or a year or two.

If you’d like help with marketing or advertising, whether you’re a single person just starting out or a big company, visit emtenerife.com or call 902 789 660 (24×7 answering machine) now.

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