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Many people come to Tenerife wanting a better life and end up struggling to get by in their business, working all hours for less money than ever before.

You can quickly lose sight of what’s important, and you might feel like an employee in your own business rather than the boss. You’ll know this is happening when you feel ruled by the business rather than being in charge yourself. Could you go on holiday next week without worrying about your business?

Truth is, you’ll only truly enjoy life when you have systems in place to manage your business, so you can work less yet earn more.

In this column we’ll explore systems and concepts that any business owner can use to create an effective, profitable business, creating a solid income for years to come.

Why systems? Well, SYSTEM spells out: Save Your-Self Time, Energy & Money. If you have systems in place you create a business that works exactly the same way every time, down to the very last detail, where staff can run the business for you whilst you take some time off.

Building systems to cover your whole business can be daunting, so we’ll start by taking small steps.

First of all, you need a system for finding new customers and clients, as they are the lifeblood of your business. Do you know how you find new customers right now? Or how they find you? Do you know how many new customers you’ll get this week? Or even how many you had last week?

Don’t try to say ‘I only sell to tourists so I don’t know’ – if that’s your market you have to stop relying on tourists finding you despite your lack of marketing, and start planning how you can attract a reliable stream of tourists week after week.

Most businesses rely on advertising, and maybe brochures and a website. Some businesses find advertising works very well; others try it once and give up. If your advertising failed it’s for a simple reason: the way your advert looked and was worded failed to attract customers or enquiries.

So you need to create a system you can use to discover better ways of finding new customers.

Whenever you advertise, or promote yourself in any way, you need to test, test and test. Start small. Track response. Analyse your results. You discover what works, and do more of it. If it doesn’t work, drop it.

Let’s take a real example. If you don’t advertise at all, start by trying small, affordable ads.

Do an ad that’s completely the opposite of what you are doing now. If you have a “corporate” ad using lots of colour, white text on dark background and your company name is at the top of the ad, in big bold letters, then try a black and white ad, telling customers what benefits they get by being your customer, and use a small version of your company name at the bottom. Make your phone number bigger and use a call to action, such as ‘Call Now!’.

Try it for a week or month, even run it at the same time as your normal ad, and see if it generates more calls or customers.

If you have a plain ad, try the opposite. Use bold colours, big text, bigger logo.

You’ll soon find out if your response is any different. If you get less customers, drop it like a hot potato. If it gets you more customers, it becomes your regular ad!

Continue your testing. Change the text in your ad. What works best for you? A discount for mentioning the ad? A free gift? Quoting prices? There are hundreds of things you can test. Go to and select ‘Canarian Weekly Column’ to find some suggestions and a free Ad Writing Checklist.

Try at least 10 different ads over time and you’ll soon start to see a real difference in your response. By having a system for finding effective ads you’ll soon start making your advertising much more profitable.

It takes a bit of effort, but your reward is huge.

Next week you’ll discover how headlines can sell your business.

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